10.07.2008 Wittmann & Partner is an accredited R&D entity


The entities carrying out R&D activities are included in the national system by the national law. The National Research-Development System is made up of the whole assembly of public and private departments and institutes, whose object of activity consists, among others, of R&D activity.

Wittmann & Partner is in the list with accredited entities with R&D activities, with a very good performance standard.

In the announced list on the ANCS web site from over 80 R&D entities, Wittmann & Partner is in the first 10 top places.


Java experts needed?

We’ve pretty much worked with most Java frameworks. Want to know more about our experience and availability?

Why work with Ropardo?

  1. Our specialists are truly talented, and this makes all the difference
  2. We combine technical expertise with domain knowledge
  3. Our list of references are impressive
  4. We keep our promises and work hard to earn your trust
  5. If we make a mistake, we will fix it!

No. 4 & 5 especially are unfortunately extremely hard to find these days…

a project with us

Technical Insight

Read our blog to get all the ins & outs of the projects & technologies we work with.

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