09.03.2009 Wittmann & Partner Computer Systems will be ROPARDO S.R.L.

From March 1st 2009 Wittmann & Partner Computer Systems S.R.L. will become ROPARDO S.R.L.

Due to the synergies created in the last 2 years between Wittmann & Partner Computer Systems SRL and Ropardo AG – majority shareholder (51%)- since 1 March 2009 it was decided to start a re-branding campaign for Wittmann & Partner towards Ropardo SRL.

The re-branding process will be implemented in the first semester of 2009. This is a transition process that will be sustained by training and communications programs for employs, partners and business environment.

The range of products and services, inclusive the existing synergies from ROPARDO, sustain the positioning of our company like future regional leader for management software solutions.
The products portfolio will be completed on the ERP/Daily Business Intelligence, Operational Project Management/Portfolio Project Management, Portal and Dashboard Solutions.


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