High Performance Computing Platform Developed by Ropardo

2015-09-02_LogoMaya_micaWe are constantly interested in latest technology advancements and innovative best practices. Good solutions can only be built with well-defined, solid processes.

Ropardo Research and Innovation Center’s work is focused on the implementation of High-Performance Computing platform for the Simulation Framework. This platform allows tools to run on a cloud system while dispatching the results locally or back to the cloud system.

Our engineers aim is the integration of the MAYA Simulation Framework with an HPC Platform deployed on the Centralized Support Infrastructure, developing common functionalities to implement, publish, discover and use remote execution services.

On February 28th Ropardo will welcome participants from several European countries for a two-day event, in Sibiu. The project gathers members of the MAYA Project, working together at the development of a cutting-edge high-end integrated tool.

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