Artificial Intelligence Demonstrated by ROPARDO at Researcher’s Night

This year participation to the European event ‘Researchers’ Night’ gives us the occasion to make the large public familiar to the Artificial Intelligence concept and test field applications developed by Ropardo Research & Innovation Center.

We are proud to mention RoboHMI – the human-machine interface we build to assist factory workers in their communication with intelligent exoskeletons used to lift heavy objects. The full system integrates smartphones, interactive glasses and the Cloud side accessed via an intuitive web app. Find out more.

Other results of our software development endeavor will be presented:

  • Augmented Reality demonstrated with children friendly applications
  • Mobile applications encouraging teenagers to take up a healthy life style
  • Web and mobile applications integrated with sensors for monitoring body parameters (heart rate, respiratory rate, etc.)

Children are welcome to try their hand at programming our Mindstorm robot.

See you on September 29th, 2017 at the Faculty of Engineering for full demonstrations and more!


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