Managed applications: Unbroken processes

Your software applications must run flawlessly and reliably. We ensure that your business processes run smoothly, are seamlessly available, and are technologically up to date. We can help you achieve all of these goals through our expert application management services, which encompass the entire application life cycle from planning to roll-out and beyond.


What we do
  • Professional support and monitoring in high-end web applications and collaboration (email, calendar, directory services)
  • Comprehensive review and performance tuning by experienced consultants
  • Expertise in open source applications
  • When necessary, support from experienced software developers
  • Competent planning and implementation of migration
  • Support for the introduction of Business Continuity, Availability Management and Capacity Management
Your Benefit
  • You will have access to experts with years of practical experience and a deep technology expertise
  • Reliable, highly available and optimal applications that support your core business
  • Customized Application Management Services from the hands of professionals
  • Saving on expensive software licenses by using open-source components.
1. Delivering quality is our top priority
2. Hold us accountable
3. We’re extremely committed
4. A promise is a promise.

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