IT Infrastructure Management: Let your business enjoy success!

Your IT infrastructure plays a major role in your business processes. ROPARDO offers IT infrastructure management services to help you to keep your IT environment running efficiently.


What we do
  • Planning, installation, configuration and operation and monitoring of your IT systems
  • Competent planning and implementation of processes and structures based on ITIL and ISO 9001
  • Database management: administration and tuning
  • Comprehensive documentation
  • Professional organization, planning and execution of changes and rollouts
  • Assistance in the planning, negotiation and implementation of SLAs
  • Support for the introduction of Business Continuity, Availability Management and Capacity Management
Your Benefit
  • You will have access to specialist know-how of software and hardware products, operating systems, databases, storage solutions and network components
  • High stability and reliability of your IT operations and processes
  • The transparency and predictability of your entire IT environment
  • Get assistance with SLA planning, negotiations, and implementation
  • Changes and rollouts are sharply organized, planned, and implemented
1. Delivering quality is our top priority
2. Hold us accountable
3. We’re extremely committed
4. A promise is a promise.

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Hosting Services
Managed Firewall
Managed Load Balancing
Managed Storage
Managed Backup
Managed Monitoring
Managed Mail Relay
Managed Server
Application Hosting

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How we succeed

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