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Our client wanted a solution to manage and display testimonials on their TYPO3 website.

The easiest way to accomplish this was by creating some items that can be edited in the backend of the website and a front end plugin for the list and detail view.


One of the great things that TYPO3 provides is the TCA (Table Configuration Array). This global array defines the editable database tables and the relationship between them and how the fields in tables are rendered in backend forms and processed. The testimonials items are created using TCA, so they are available for easy editing in the backend.

The configuration array provides support for localization of items, which we needed due to the multi-language characteristic of the website. Using the core support to realize this feature was a great help, and it increased the speed of development. The backend user can write a testimonial in the default language and then translate it into another website language.



For the actual content of the testimonial, we used the editor that TYPO3 provides – rtehtmlarea, with which the content can be formatted either by the client or an editor, without the need to have knowledge about HTML tags.

The editor can manage the sorting of the items by using a feature of TYPO3 – manual sorting. This means that the items will have some little arrows that can be used for sorting, and the editor can decide the order in the list that appears in the front-end.


We created two plugins, one for the list, detail view, and one for displaying a random testimonial with link to the list (view all) and another link to the detail of that item. They use html templates, allowing to change the layout or the style without affecting the rest of the code.

The settings are made using flexforms and typoscript.

Using TYPO3 cache system increases the speed of page loading.

RealUrl provides automatic transformation of URLs into a virtual path, a so called “Speaking URL” and back again. The objective is that URLs be as humanly readable as possible. Realurl was used for encoding/decoding testimonial’s parameter; the links contain the title of the testimonial as a clean string, which is good for search engine optimization.


Testimonial extension gives the client ability of managing and displaying testimonials, using some powerful features like localization, WYSIWYG editor, visual sorting of items, and optimization of the content by using the cache system.


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