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    Founded 1927 in Cologne, the cooperatively set up REWE Group is one of the leading trade and tourism groups in Germany and Europe, operating in 12 European countries. The group includes many famous brands, retail stores, discount stores, tourism agencies and production facilities.
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    ROPARDO is an independent leading software engineering company providing customers with key competitive advantages – Innovation, Quality, Timely delivery, since 1994. With the latest tools and agile methods, we create beautiful highly performing products and platforms as well as user-friendly mobile, cloud or web applications to increase speed-to-market and deliver more frequent releases. Well-grounded in the Agile state of mind, our engineers are flexible in responding to any challenge. Yet, we have been here and successful before the Agile era, so trust us for classic approaches.
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  • Outsourcing to Ropardo

    • Quality custom software development
    • End-user satisfaction
    • Short time to market
    • Quantifiable value
    • Guaranteed performance level
    • Reduced and controlled costs
    • Managed risks
    • Good value-for-money
    • Flexibility

“With complete software solutions, we now deliver faster services and of much better quality. There’s no doubt that the level of satisfaction among customers has increased tremendously.”


The customer ordered Testing & QA services for a travel and booking application, RTG Intelligence, also developed by our team of software engineers. The platform ensures detailed planning of flights and accommodation for multiple purpose tourism.

Our team contribution consisted in functional extension of RTG Intelligence from one stage to the next one. For this application, we delivered full cycle development, including testing efforts. The redesign was necessary to secure the consistent workflow in the application.

Solution by ROPARDO

With a proficient team of testers and QA engineers, we leave nothing to chance: by identifying issues earlier in the test process, we reduce the business disruption associated with new releases significantly.

For the RTG Intelligence application, Spira test tool was used to perform the following:

  • create, edit and execute test-cases
  • support for templated and data-driven test cases
  • orchestrate manual testing
  • real-time graphs and reports to help monitor progress

Test scenarios were configured based on functional requirements of the above described application, such as:

  • maintenance basic real data (i.e. airports, hotels)
  • calculation of price grids
  • season specifications
  • route control

Our testers covered also the bug tracking efforts, including:

  • track bugs, enhancements, risks and issues
  • fully customizable workflows and field values to match the business process
App for detailed planning of flights and accommodation


Our testers and QA engineers are familiar with a range of tools and manual testing procedures. This time, we counted on:

  • Spira Test tool for test cases
  • Jira Test for bug tracking
  • Regression test
  • Waterfall methodology based on iterations


With good and reliable testing efforts, the customer is sure to provide a system in which users will know what to do in all parts of the application if he only knows one single part without pre-orienting in every part of the application.

Testing efforts by Ropardo significantly improves the quality of deployed applications with post deployment issues reducing by over 94%.

A correct behavior of the application results in a dramatically higher level of satisfaction among business users of the application.

Finally, the target of creating a homogenous design and workflow with the new version of the application is met:

  • the workflow will be optimized, where reasonably required
  • the data transfer towards other systems (booking systems, catalogue production) are considered at all times
  • obvious improvements especially regarding interfaces
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