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  • About Teraplast:

    Built up in 1990, following the split of The Construction Materials Enterprise and integrating the terra-cotta tiles factory, Teraplast continues a tradition of 112 years in terra-cotta tiles manufacturing. Moreover, the company has an experience of 30 years in plastics processing, being now the Romanian leader in PVC extrusion.
    The company has exports to the East, Central and West European markets, in countries like: Italy, France, Austria, Germany, Hungary, Slovenia, Serbia, Republic of Moldova etc.
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  • About Ropardo S.R.L.:

    Ropardo is an IT group with solid turnover and over 50 skilled employees. Innovation, Quality, On-time Delivery have been our constant objectives since our start up.
    Our main expertise is in: software development, implementation of complex software solutions and maintenance of software/IT systems.
    We provide the following in various industries: app and system development, business apps – ERP / CRM, web apps and e-business / eCommerce, software reengineering, software testing, maintenance and support.
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Requirements management
System analysis
Risk analysis
Process management


Arhitecture design


Functional testing
Unit testing
Automated testing
Load/Performance testing
Static testing

  • Outsourcing to Ropardo

    • Quality custom software development
    • End -user satisfaction
    • Short time to market
    • Quantifiable value
    • Guaranteed performance level
    • Reduced and controlled costs
    • Managed risks
    • Good value-for-money
    • Flexibility

“With Ropardo, we achieved the expected results in the forecasted time and costs.”


Teraplast has developed a sales system based on its own warehouses in the main territory and distribution is ensured by partners from all over the country, thus aiming full coverage of the internal market.

To reach its objectives Teraplast found itself in great need of data and information management which was felt in the daily activity: from assistant’s manager to sales department, from Human Resource department to production department, etc.

Solution by Ropardo: iDocument

iDocument is a solution for knowledge and document management, which allows centralization of the information inside the organization, allowing direct access (based on access levels) to all the important information inside the organization, archived and updated. ImoTim is a module for online offers promotion, which allows the centralization of the information in one single database.

Our team designed the Real Estate module, which includes every aspect of the project management activity and the Workflow module, to customize and integrate each of them in a unique solution, creating a specific solution for iDocument.

Implementing iDocument for Teraplast meant a new experience by developing and testing the new modules of the application, but it represented, first of all, the solution needed by our partner as to benefit of an efficient project management.

Our solution means:

  • rapid document management
  • simplified access to knowledge and information
  • team work and collaboration
  • data security
  • reduced time and costs for internal management


At this moment, our solution is completely integrated within the specific activities of the company and used 100% of its capacity.


In order to customize the project management solution, so as to correspond to client’s needs, it was necessary to elaborate an analysis of the organization and establish the specific settings according to which the software solution could be exploited most efficiently.

The project team was made of four experienced members – one from our German partner and three of our own. They were chosen by their good communication skills and high capacities, as well as by their deep knowledge and understanding of the domain.

Our German partner ensured project management at level of macro planning – mile stones, organized second level for testing the solution in Germany and acted as customer contact point together with our technicians in planned checkpoint meetings.

Ropardo team ensured the study and reengineering process of the existing application and definition of requirements and application architecture, software development and testing (quality assurance).

The necessary function was implemented in order to allow system administrators to import and maintain company address book in SAP but same contact data to be available in Domino / iDocument repository.


  • direct access to the important information inside the organization, based on access levels
  • important information inside the organization is not lost, it is gathered
  • information is permanently updated
  • security – every employee has access only to a part of the information, according to a specified hierarchy
  • control – the system allows displaying every process inside the organization
  • integration – the product integrates 100% with MS Office suite
  • the solution allows a reliable and fast communication
  • optimization of the internal processes

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