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  • Outsourcing to Ropardo

    • Quality custom software development
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    • Short time to market
    • Quantifiable value
    • Guaranteed performance level
    • Reduced and controlled costs
    • Managed risks
    • Good value-for-money
    • Flexibility

“Ropardo understood the changes we wanted to bring and responded promptly to our request. The results were implemented in due time which helped us continue our work.”


The client was using a commercial ERP solution P2Plus, but needed additional functionality which was not implemented in the standard solution.

The client has used the product for several years and at some point decided to try to improve the costs and waiting times needed for the project customization.

They hired us to customize and extend the application according to their requirements.

Solution by Ropardo

P2Plus is an ERP for small and medium companies developed by AP-AG.

The solution is used by a lot of customers and has the advantage that it allows the customer to extend and customize it in cooperation with third-party companies.

Ropardo team understands ERP functionality very well and is able to implement naturally custom extensions:

  • C# .NET

  • Web Services

  • HTC, HTML, Javascript

  • MS SQL Database

  • Microsoft Reporting Services


Project Approach

The first phase consisted in implementing a new module based on P2Plus framework and GUI controls, but without many interactions with the already existent modules.

During the second phase, based on the experience gained in the first one, we managed to customize existent modules and later implement new modules tightly connected to processes in the original application modules.

The first phase was developed in Romania and delivered remotely to the customer. We demonstrated our ability to work with application and deliver quality results, so the phase resulted to be a success.

During the following phase, almost all the requirements were developed directly to the customer headquarters, which allowed a very tight collaboration between developers and the customer’s personnel which resulted, in turn, in very fast response to every specification change or deployment problem.

Throughout the entire project, we implemented new business modules and reports or customized existing ones.


The backend of the application was mainly built with Java Beans and the frontend was built using ASP.NET, HTML, JavaScript and HTC.

The database in use was Microsoft SQL Server and the reporting engine was ensured by Microsoft Reporting Services.

The development environment used was Microsoft Visual Studio 2005. Development tracking was assured by our internal project management software, iManagement.


The main benefits of the P2Plus solution consist of:

  • Customizes reports and creates new ones based on client’s specifications and requirements

  • Creates new modules for the ERP

  • Modifies business functionality to suit customer’s needs

  • Implements automations to ease employees’ work


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