ITIL Services: server performance monitored with OpsView and NAGIOS

  • About BOEMA:

    Boema was founded in 1994 in Sibiu with food and drink distribution as its main business activity from its very beginnings. The business was developed on three main directions: quality services, mutual respect and fair prices.
    The extension of the company asked for better organization and performing IT systems.
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    Ropardo is an IT group with solid turnover and over 50 skilled employees. Innovation, Quality, On-time Delivery have been our constant objectives.
    Our main expertise is in: software development, implementation of complex software solutions and maintenance of software/IT systems.
    We provide the following in various industries: app and system development, business apps – ERP / CRM, web apps and e-business / eCommerce, software reengineering, software testing, maintenance and support.
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Change management
Problem management
Incident management
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  • Why use NAGIOS?

    • open source
    • powerful reporting system
    • highly configurable
    • flexible and easily extendible
    • reliable notifications of incidents
    • individual escalation paths
    • event categorization
    • active community
    • sesignated highly-skilled specialist
    • reduced downtime risk and costs
    • increased operational efficiency

“We wanted to have full support when and if needed, and now we can completely rely on it!”

Business context

The client runs a custom ERP platform to cover its distribution needs. One of the most used modules is the sales force automation application which is run using PostgreSQL as database backend and iMobileDistribution as client application front end.

The same configuration is deployed in 6 physical separated locations, each deployment has a database and a number of iMD clients used to run the business. Each location runs standalone and is not connected with the other locations.


The customer needs a solution that allows them to be notified immediately on the status of the hosting servers (linux and windows), database servers (PostgreSQL) and synchronization application. If a server is offline, the sales agents cannot synchronize their mobile devices and sale opportunities are likely to be lost. As there is no dedicated technical staff in each location, the solution would help them take appropriate action and solve the issue in no time.


To address these needs we planned on setting up a Nagios server to monitor each location, collecting information for specific performance affected parameters. If a specific parameter is outside a given interval, then a warning or error message is sent by email or SMS. Thus, our customer will be able to take appropriate action to solve the problem, or at least they are aware of the problem asking for a resolution.

Due to the distributed configuration of the deployment we had to implement a solution for the remote servers to be contacted without being connected to their internal networks.

Why open source?

As open-source, publicly available interface specifications provide users with an accessible and customizable implementation of their own special building blocks.


We setup the monitoring server in our central location and used port forwarding and SSH to access the remote networks.


For each location, we connect to the local server which is used as a gateway to collect information for the other machines being monitored.

For each server we check:

  • CPU load
  • free memory
  • free disk space

For database we gather:

  • postgres status
  • postgres load

The information is collated on the nagios server and made available using OpsView front-end. Notifications are sent by email to interested people when some parameters are outside their normal values.


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