iMobileDistribution – Sales Force Automation in bakery manufacture industry

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    Trans Agape is a local leader in bakery industry for Sibiu area, booking a turnover of more than 10 million EUR.
    Business activities of the company include: bread and bakery manufacture, distribution driven by mobile sales force, retail sales.
    Trans Agape owns a market share of 60% in Sibiu and distributes its own products in its own 18 stores and an extended network of partner stores.
    Trans Agape issues thousands of invoices.
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“iMD provided us with optimization of the overall sales force by using mobile devices.”


The client’s strategic objective was to optimize the management process to help keeping its leader position on a highly competitive market in view of medium- and long-term company development.
For this a better control of the manufacturing capacities ensured by an IT system optimization was needed.

Ropardo SRL was entrusted this challenge as it owns the capacity to understand the industry parameters and thus to integrate the software solution with bakery specific know-how elements.

Solution by Ropardo: iMobileDistribution


The implemented IT system is based on iFinance and iMobileDistribution solutions and specific hardware devices (smartphones, tablets, industrial touchscreens).

The iFinance – iMobileDistribution system represents a reliable and competitive platform used to organize and develop activities such as bakery manufacturing and distribution.

For a 24×7 exploitation of the solution, the creation of new modules tailored on the bakery industry was needed.

These modules ensure:

  • takeover and centralization of sale orders (from mobile devices or by phone to the headquarters)
  • distribution route planning
  • planning of production release of batches (bake houses) as per distribution planning (routes).
  • reports specific to bakery industry necessary to make real-time decisions


We decided on the implementation strategy with the client after an analysis carried out by a consultant with experience in this industry.

Given the information on-site, our consultant analyzed the specificity of the business activities and submitted proposals as follows :

  • recommended information flow ;
  • iFinance/iMobileDistribution operational modules and their physical distribution in the work units of the client;
  • needed hardware equipment and its physical distribution per work units.


Technically and logistically, the implementation was based on rigorous pre-testing and independent stages.

The end-users were also taken into consideration, so we opted for an intuitive implementation form both as software operation and hardware devices operation of the iMobileDistribution – iFinace couple.


  • bakery industry specific integration of work flow: registered manufacture and throwouts / bakehouses / manufacture hours, registered packaging / packaging lots / hours, agent loading and thowouts takeover/agent/route/day;
  • operational integration of different work units: administrative office, production unit, distribution fleet, sale units;
  • integration of work media: electronic and hard copy;
  • easy integration with accounting software solutions;
  • flexible routes: client addition or removal;
  • possibility to enter orders in advance and return goods;
  • intuitive user interface, very similar to previously used hard copy documentation;
  • color codification and items managed on one screen;
  • touchscreen-driven operation.

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