iMobileDistribution – Sales Force Automation for Bakeries

Sales Force Automation for Bakeries

With iMobileDistribution we optimized the entire flow of sales operations. This in turn brought both client and employee satisfaction. We are continuously adding modules to respond to new challenges. -General Manager of local bakery and store chain

About the Customer

Trans Agape is a local leader in bakery industry for Sibiu area, securing 60% of the local market share by constantly investing in innovative automating tools to run its activity.

Business activity of our client include: bread and bakery production, retail sales and distribution its own 30 stores and an extended network of partner stores. All lines of business are automated by modern technology. Visit client website.

The Need

Multiple business lines bring a lot of challenges to a business that looks to secure its traditional leader position by maintaining the quality standard and also work with experienced and happy employees.
Main challenges of the client involved:

  • growing complexity of operations which leads to an disorganized management process in absence of automation systems
  • need to integrate operations in all business lines into one smoothly running ecosystem
  • lack of a scalable control system of the growing manufacturing and distribution capacities

The Solution:

To overcome the drawback they were facing, the client needed an IT system to integrate all the operations run in their production, sales and distribution departments and deliver reports for the growth-oriented management strategy.
The implemented IT system is a customized version of iFinance and iMobileDistribution solutions developed by Ropardo.

iMobileDistribution is a reliable and competitive Sales Force Automation tool designed for companies in manufacturing and distribution to organize and run specific activities. It is ready-to-work on any type of smart devices from phones to laptops and industrial screens.

For our client, developed new modules tailored on the specifics of the bakery production industry and of the organization. The custom modules are easy to integrate with the existing applications and IT system of the client.

  • takeover and centralization of sale orders (from mobile devices or by phone to the headquarters)
  • distribution route planner
  • sync of production planning with the distribution planning
  • reports specific to bakery industry necessary to make real-time decisions

Image 1. Sales activity management

Consulting before acting

The client chose Ropardo as trusted partner based on our rich expertise in software development for the manufacturing industry.

Once the requirements submitted and the business objectives and specificity discussed, our team of consultants made adjustments with the client for efficient results and submitted final proposals for:

  • the information flow and the integration of the activities in a new smoothly running ecosystem
  • iMD modules and their physical distribution per facility and department
  • the necessary hardware equipment and its physical distribution per facility and department

Rigorous testing following the Agile methodology was carried out at independent stages in the development life cycle.



Image 2. iMobileDistribution flow


For the development of the Sales Force Automation solution, we counted on:

  • Java, PostgreSQL
  • PowerBuilder
  • Mobile client for Android
  • Bootstrap, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS for responsiveness
  • MySQL database
  • Push Notifications
  • RESTful web services for web services integration


ROPARDO delivers fast results:

  • bakery industry specific integration of work flow: registered manufacture and throw-outs / bake-houses / manufacture hours, registered packaging / packaging lots / hours, agent loading and throw-outs takeover/agent/route/day
  • integration of operations carried out in different work facilities: administrative office, production unit, distribution fleet, sale units
  • integration of work media: electronic and hard copy
  • natural integration with accounting applications
  • flexible route planner: client addition or removal
  • synchronized operations in the activity chain: orders placement – manufacturing – distribution
  • intuitive, fast-operating applications for employees to respond promptly to market demands
  • color codification and items managed from one screen
  • synchronized reports for real-time decision-making

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