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    Centrul Regional de Formare Continua pentru Administratia Publica Locala (CRFCAPL) Sibiu has as main activities: organize the continuously perfectioning programme with short time duration (max. 3 months); elaboration of studies, projects and publications in Public Administration field;
    developemnt of collaboration relationships with other institutions from Public Administration fields in Romania or abroad.
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    • Quality custom software development
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    • Good value-for-money
    • Flexibility

“iGroupDecision was installed with success in the forecasted time and costs and it is now used naturally by our staff.”


The following issues often interfered with the decision-making process within “Centrul regional de formare continua pentru Administratia Publica locala” (CRFCAPL) Sibiu:

  • decisional staff can hardly be gathered all at the same time
  • lack of time – a decision-making meeting almost always turns into long discussions
  • diverse proposals and debates often postpone important decisions

iGroupDecision had to resolve the following issues:

  • efficient communication between the institution departments
  • increase attendance percentage at different meetings
  • improve communication between new or existing staff
  • decrease the time needed for making decisions within meetings

Solution by Ropardo: iGroupDecision

iGroupDecision helps organizations make decisions with all the decision makers’ participation, irrespective of they are located, thus shortening the time needed for a certain decision.

The iGroupDecision system is based on the shared plans theory.

iGroupDecision is a software platform for business process management, electronic decision support, and collaboration. The solution designed to be a collaborative decision-making support system with safety, utility, efficiency, effectiveness, and usability was installed with success and used naturally by all staff.


The basic ideas that guided the iGroupDecision were also the main problems of CRFCAPL: human collaboration, remove the common communication barriers, remove time, space and geographical limitations.

iGroupDecision received the ICT Prize Nominee in 2007

iGroupDecision Tools

iGroupDecision supports the following meeting steps:

  • Plan – custom interactive agenda creation with topics and subtopics
  • Generate Ideas – brainstorming tool for fast idea generation (be it attributed or anonymous)
  • Converge – categorizing tool for organizing and synthesizing ideas
  • Prioritize – sophisticated voting tool for prioritizing, decision making and consensus building
  • Document – report and export tools for documentation, communication and further collaboration


iGroupDecision is made up of three components: a server, a client, and a collaborative platform.

  • The iGroupDecision server is built on Java technology
  • The iGroupDecision client is a Java web application – web browser (Internet Explorer, Mozilla, etc.), and communicating with the server via Web Services.
  • SQL database – any of: Postgre, MySQL, SQL Server
  • Integration: The server can be integrated with a collaborative platform – i.e. Lotus Notes with the Domino Server – for collaborative services i.e. – system users, email notification, calendar (user availability for a meeting)
  • Workflow: system provide workflow engine based on jBPM
  • J2EE : the entire solution is built using J2EE technology
  • Environment: the system can run with any J2EE server


  • increased efficiency, due to the speed and quality of information processing and transmission
  • improved quality; time, space, and geographical limitations-independence – removal of common communication barriers, systematically directing the pattern, timing, and content of discussion, and providing techniques for structuring decision analysis;
  • avoidance of the conflict-provoking behaviors of positional bargaining;
  • more objective evaluation: groups are better at catching errors than are the individuals who proposed ideas;
  • synergy and social inclusion

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