Heart Rate Scenario: An application watching your heart health

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“Health is not simply the absence of sickness. “


The need for healthcare applications arose from social phenomena like ageing, increased number of obese people and major sensitivity towards disabled and diabetic people and eco-friendly products. This results into challenging specifications for personalised solutions for Sport and Work wearables.

The Heart Rate Scenario application is for people who want to improve their lifestyle; one means is by measuring biometric data. Particularly, the app addresses patients suffering from heart conditions or having supported specific medical procedures (stents, by-passes) who still want to have an active life and practice sports.

Solution: Heart Rate Monitoring App

Heart Rate Scenario is one of a series of applications developed for integration with wearable devices. Ropardo built the application from the ground following the IoT concepts.

It embodies three devices: a sensor t-shirt, the Android smartphone, and a web application. The sensor in the t-shirt takes information from the body and communicates it to the smartphone application that reads it for the user and the web application (portal). During physical activities the smartphone application monitors and stores data, evaluating the received heart rate values.

How does wearable tech work? When the value of Heart Rate (sent by sensor) is below the minimum or above maximum thresholds set inside profile then an alert message is displayed on the user’s Smartphone and a SMS alert is sent to the Emergency Contact List. If a fall is detected then an alert message is displayed on the user’s Smartphone and a SMS alert is sent to the Emergency Contact List.



User-friendly. There are only three steps to go to start using the application:
  1. Start the app and log-in
  2. Set the emergency message delay
  3. Choose a workout

Status messages. During the workout, the user has the possibility to write and save status messages. These messages will be saved on the Portal, for history purposes.

Looks after your heart. When the value of the Heart Rate is bellow or above the minimum or maximum threshold, or a fall was detected, a message appears on the screen. Yet in case of an error (sensor broken or detached) there is enough time to cancel the sending message.

Saves vital data. A synchronization service is responsible with uploading all workout related data whenever an Internet connection is present. Data generated on the smartphone and/or messages introduced by the user are automatically saved on the portal. Further on they can be accessed and extracted any time for analysis by a specialist if the patient chooses to.

heart3 heart4

An archive at hand. History of workouts can be checked at all times on the smartphone.

Further usability

The Heart Rate Scenario application was has already been tested on elder persons.

The Heart Rate application (and wearable technology in general) can be successfully used in clinics for heart health monitoring, assisted living, gyms.


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