GRANID: Code migration from VB 6 to .NET C#

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    gibGREINER is an experienced and innovative consulting firm for handling complex projects. With know-how and specially developed information system GRANID the company is in the position to offer end-to-end solutions.
    Being a reliable and competent partner has ensured a top place among the most successful companies for over 25 years.

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“Successful controlling is our goal, tailor-made solutions our mission. Ropardo helped us stay true to our goal and mission.


GRANID is the IT solution developed by gibGREINER to support controlling within the planning and realization processes of projects or in managing extensive properties.

The solution is an open universal controlling system that has been field-tested in many projects and continually enhanced to reflect practical experience. It also offers a wide range of function modules. The basic module, which carries out controlling and integration, can be expanded to include general business modules and industry modules.

With a large array of interfaces, it can be integrated in many different system environments, which means that there will be no need to re-record data.


The COM version of GRANID was successfully implemented to several customers in production. Due to high maintenance and development costs they have decided to implement a new version using .NET technologies that must behave exactly like the original.

GibGREINER development team reengineered the solution, but they lacked the necessary man power to migrate all business modules.

Solution by Ropardo

Understanding the client’s needs, Ropardo was able to provide:

  • reports migration

  • migration of business modules using the newly developed solution framework

  • creating .NET components that can still be used from the COM version of the solution

  • reengineering parts of the application in order to create customer specific business modules

Project Approach

Phase one of the project was the reports upgrade, followed by modules migration. The integration and testing were done step by step for each module.

Based on customer specifications, code re-engineering was performed where needed.

The project management was ensured by Ropardo and gibGreiner. Software architecture and testing support were realized by gibGreiner, actual development and maintenance work was done by Ropardo.

The project was developed based on the customer’s requirements. For the kick-off, one person from our team worked with the customer at their location.


The new modules were developed using Microsoft .NET platform, Active Reports for reporting modules and SQL Server instances for testing data.

The connection to the database was realized through the solution framework that allows using both MS SQL and Oracle database servers.

GUI is based on Component One controls and the communication with the server was ensured by WCF Services.

The development environment used was Microsoft Visual Studio 2008. Development tracking and source control were ensured by Team System, solution provided by Microsoft and very well integrated with Microsoft Visual Studio.


  • better controlling and integration of planning and realization processes

  • wide range of function modules

  • no need to re-record data

  • practical experience proven by tests and applications in many fields

  • customer specific business modules

  • easier installation of commercial applications


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