eLearning: software solution to optimize training of the delocalized staff

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“The brilliant combination of technologies and the well-prepared team enabled the development of an easy-to-use authoring platform.”


The client was in search of a solution meant to optimize training of the delocalized technical or sales staff in large organizations.

The easy-to-use character of the authoring platform was extremely important for the client, allowing courses to be created in-house, by editors with 2 days authoring training.

Solution by Ropardo

It has two major components: the authoring platform, a collaborative environment for creating eLearning content; the distribution and feedback platform, for administration of courses and learners, by groups and profiles.

Ropardo team was involved in developing the authoring platform. It allows the creation of didactic eLearning content in collaborative environment.

The authoring platform allows the following functionalities:

  • roles management: manager, specialist, designer, trainer, translator;
  • tasks and notes management: linked to lessons and courses;
  • media library: sharing multimedia content – lessons and courses
  • administration: use of course templates.

Project Development

An existing application was taken over and the functionality was extended.

The mixed German–Romanian team used the project management software iManagement with the purpose to plan and track the project and to report issues and change requests.

Architecture definition based on client requirements was done in a collaborative manner by both parties. The project management and final testing was done by the German partner. The actual development, maintenance and test work was done at Ropardo premises. Ropardo team has also delivered the application deployable archives as well as the installing and maintenance instructions.


The technologies used were RCP, Hibernate, PostgreSQL, MySQL, WebServices and Jasper Reports.

Java technology was used on the client’s request, for reasons of portability and platform independence.

We used MySQL/PostgreSQL as database technology. For connection to the database we used JDBC/Hibernate.

The application is database independent (can use any existent database from the customer such as Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MSSQL, DB2).

Our team used CVS and SVN for code management and collaborative working. For quality assurance we used JUnit for unit testing and test cases based on customer acceptance criteria definition (per functionality).

We ran an embedded web browser inside a Java applet to provide a rich experience (rich scripting support) due to restrictions on application deployment environment. The browser was based on Mozilla Gecko engine.

We exported SCORM compliant courses for Flash and Java (applet) players (both provided by the solution) and PDF representation for offline study.


The eLearning content generated with the authoring platform:

  • follows the eLearning standard SCORM;

  • is generated according to templates represented scientifically;

  • structured courses/lessons;

  • can be translated with a minimum of editing effort;

  • can be personalized with the institution image;

  • includes media (images, audio and video files);

  • includes interactive elements (commented schemes);

  • includes different types of tests (single answer, multiple answer;

  • ordering, correspondence;

  • multi- language support following the user profile, without changing/replicating the structure.


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