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“Although a complex solution, it resulted in simplifying our work
which meant mission accomplished for us!”

The client

This project was developed for ‘Hermann Oberth’ Faculty of Engineering in Sibiu which is a polytechnic school with a long tradition and great experience which have made it into one of the most important profile faculties in Romania.
In response to the society needs, the faculty has constantly developed and consolidated its degree programmes, which have been accredited by the Ministry of Education and Research.
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As an institution that has always been responsive to the constantly changing needs of the society, Hermann Oberth Faculty of Engineering has to adapt to the current requirements so that it enables access to information and knowledge to anyone.

The client wanted to communicate using a networking environment, so that they can share resources on the Internet with partners all over the world. In this context the capacity to attain flow of information and the ability to extract knowledge from it becomes a mandatory task.

The characteristics the client wanted for the solution referred to:

  • Efficiency – for fast insertion, search and recovery of data;
  • Easy to use interface – even for the personnel less used to a document management solution, without the necessity of a time-consuming training.

Solution by Ropardo

The solution was designed and developed using IBM Lotus Notes and Domino Server. Lotus Notes is an integrated desktop client option for accessing business e-mail, calendars and applications on IBM Lotus Domino server.

The designed solution delivered the following main functionalities::

  • Dashboard
  • Email and group calendar
  • Organizational functions – orga chart
  • Address Book – organization addresses and contacts – can be categorized based on different fields
  • Document management – inclusive special documents that are needed for students management
  • Project Management – basic activities needed to roll up a project inside of customer organization
  • Workflow management – allow users to start a new approval flow – it interact with all other functionalities

Development and technology

For the development of eUniv software our engineers used IBM Domino Designer as environment and for different functionalities they used all techniques (i.e. Lotus Script, Formula, Java agents) as to the possibilities the platform provides.

Notes/Domino is a cross-platform, secure, distributed document-oriented database and messaging framework and rapid application development environment that includes prebuilt applications like email, calendar, etc.

The project team was made of engineers experienced in software development and certified on Lotus Notes, as well as a project manager and a solution architect.

Ropardo as


Based on our customer’s requests we decided to invest in IBM technologies, becoming IBM Business Partner in 2001; IBM partnership involves:

  • IBM/Lotus software certifications.
  • Products and services corresponding to IBM quality demands.
  • Competence in implementing IBM technologies.


The main benefits of the solution include:

  • increased performance of university specific activities;
  • improved quality of projects and documents;
  • employees flexibility;
  • optimized communication channels and methods between different departments;
  • easy data transfer;
  • existing services adapted to social requirements and needs

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